High tech tools for your kitchen(technology)


Technology has taken over the kitchen in all aspects of food preparation and cooking. Cooking is now much easy and fun. Almost every kitchen has a touch of technology. In one way or another we have interacted with technology while making meals. Chefs easily get around cooking any meal with just a knife and ingredients. However attending a culinary institute is no longer a must. Having the right gadgets in place you can cook any meal. The following are examples of gadgets for your kitchen;

1.The crock-pot smart slow cooker(WeMo)

images (1)

Has ability to control your cooking remotely from the comfort of your smartphone. The slow cooker is quite a common gadget in many homes. Now you have full control of your cooking by even monitoring the progress. The smartphone can turn up the temperature or turn down. Switching off the cooker is also made possible. It also has enough room to cook a number of dishes since it is a quart capacity of 6.

2.philips Airfryer

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Fried foods are a favorite for many. However, calories and fat have been among the worries. The issues of fat has been taken care of by the Philips airfryer. Now with a teaspoon of oil you can fry foods. The gadget makes this possible using hot air and the teaspoon of oil. This is also Maintaining the crunch and cooking much faster and evenly.

3.Maverick ET-735 wireless Thermometer


A tasty barbecue is based on the process of cooking. This is actually more on the temperature levels. Tough meat is never fun and this happens a lot especially due to monitoring heat levels. The wireless thermometer has introduced a more efficient way to monitor the heat away from the grill. Just hold the device on your hand. Enjoy monitoring barbecue, chicken ribs cook to the finest.

  1. Ninja 3 in 1 cooking system

The Ninja crockpot has a fancy design. It actually meets more functions than a normal crock pot. Although it maintains slow cooking it facilitates roasting and baking. This is by the direct heat and steam infusion feature. The 3 in 1 tool can help save on purchasing a number of gadgets.

5.Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed system

Homebrewing has been overtaken by the new method of brewing. Forget Folgers crystals and the struggle involved. Brewing experience is much more fun and easy with the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed system. Enjoy low temperature ice beverages with naturally made sweet flavours. In place is the thermal flavour extraction technology facilitating brewing of single cup or carafe. The Auto iQ technology by Ninja is preprogrammed for both coffee and tea brewing.

  1. Gramercy kitchen sous vide immersion circulator cooker

Steaks have the best flavour when cooked at right temperature. If you are not a chef overcooking is a possibility. However you can now avoid disappointing steak dinner with the immersion circulator cooker. Place your meat in a sous vide bag then immerse in water. The device will cook at the set temperature hence avoiding overcooking.

Technology taking over the kitchen means cooking can still be fun without being a proffesional. Take advantage of the right kitchen tools.

Price here http://bit.ly/2vo3u64

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