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Asia prides itself on a number of amazing sites. Among them is the famous Angakor site that hosts a number of features. This site is very important as it entails a lot on Hindu history. The Angakor is located in the south-east of Asia. It is an archaeological site that is rated among the best in the world. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. UNESCO has set measures in safeguarding this site and prides itself on being the best archaeological site. This site is said to be the largest heritage site in the world. It covers approximately 163 hectares of land. Cambodia has a number of great features. The basin reservoir, canals, and the dykes.

It hosts a number of sites namely phnompenh, ancient Khmer art, Khmer rounge, Banteay Srey temple, Angakor wat, Angakor Thom, brick rolous Khmer.

The following is a description of Angakor Cambodia UNESCO world heritage sites;

-Angakor wat temple

The temple is said to have been built around the 12th century. This was during the reign of king suryavarman II. The temple is believed to be a place of worship. Scholars believed lord Vishnu was being worshiped here. The temple was also built to act as a mausoleum. This is after the king’s death.

-Angakor Thom Bayon

Baton is a temple that is located at Siem reap. The first unique feature is the towers. There are 54 towers in number with 4 faces on every side of the tower. This adds up  to a total of 216 faces. The faces are not clear enough. It is said that the faces could be of one of the following; king Jayavarman VII and buddha, budhusattra or Avalokiteshvara. The Bayon is surrounded by tall towers. The Baphuon is another feature at Angakor Thom. The Baphuon is a buddha design. Apart from that, there is the elephant terrace. The terrace of the leper king and the five entrance gates. The five terrace gates have the face of Avalokitesvara. The gates have walls that connect all of them. There are also paths on the outside walls and on the top of the walls. The gates cover a distance of 13 km.

-Phnom Bakheng

This is a unique temple as it is a mountain temple. It is said to be the first of the mountain temple to be built. It is located on a hilltop. The temple is a dedication to Shiva. It is said to have been built in the 9th century when yasovarman was king. The other hilltop temples are the phenom bok and phenom Krom. The Phenom Bakheng represents the mount Meru. Mount Meru is said to have been the home of the Hindu gods.

-Ta Keo

It is a mountain temple. Stands out due to its quincunx style of 5 towers. It is surrounded by a step pyramid , the moat. The step pyramid consists of overlapping terraces. There are also galleries made of tiles and wood on the roof. One of the terraces has its wall made of sandstone. Another terrace has gopura set at the cardinal points. The gopura has 3 passages and tiers that are independent of each other. There is also a tower located at the central position of the terrace.

-Ta Prohm

This is a temple that was built during king Jayavarman  VII reign. The temple is unique and has intertwined trees with great stonework. The fig trees strangled type are a beautiful display of nature. The temple is a perfect combination of both the wood and stones. At the Ta Prohm you can also enjoy the Banteay kdei which also has terraces that lead to the sras srang pond. There is also the Prasat kravan temple. This temple is much smaller in size. The interior is uniquely designed and represents Vishnu and Lakshmi. The reliefs are curved on the wall of the temple.

-Preah khan

This was the first capital before Angakor wat. It was during king Jayavarman VII. The temple is located about 3 km from where the Angakor Thom temple is located. Among its features are carvings.

-East Mebon

It is a temple mountain of the 3 stray size. It is located around the east Baray island though the island is now dry. The temple has 5 towers. It is said to have been built during Rajendravarman II reign. That is at the 10th century.


If you love pyramid this will interest you. It is a five terrace pyramid. The design is of the mountain temple.

-Khal spean

It is located along the waterfall. It is a monument of the temple. The monument has a number of carvings.


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