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Cape Coral is one of the best places for a family vacation. Located in Florida is a nice vacation getaway rich in cultural and natural sites. This site is surrounded by activities that are both fun and educative. The weather is just perfect for outdoor activities. Its location across the coastline gives easy access to the beach. Cape coral is highly recommended as a family vacation destination. The following are fun activities for families to do in cape coral, FL;

1.Guided Fishing Tours

Fishing is considered as a perfect bonding activity for a family. Fishing helps a family build ties as they help each other catch fish. This experience of trying to achieve something together is the perfect bonding activity. The fishing tours at the cape coral are usually guided. This helps as it comes in handy for newbies in fishing.

It is also quite an exciting experience sailing through the mangrove. There is also a well written and easy to understand guideline on fishing. This helps families carryout their fishing activity easily and enjoyable. Whether one opts for professional fishing or friendly fishing the set guidelines facilitate the best areas to catch fish.

2.Eagle skate park

This is the largest skate park that covers approximately an area of 27,000 square feet. This large skate park facilitates a number of activities. Rollerblades, bikes, skateboards are all accommodated at this park. The park is located at the William “Bill” Austen youth center. This park is known to offer the largest skating land. The skating park is across rails, pipes and even ramps all the way from Tampa.

With all these activities being hosted security is important. The facility has hired experience attendants  who keep watch on activities. There is also a setup pavilion on the side that allows parents to monitor their children. There is also a powerful sound system that facilitates jovial skating. For children to participate in skating parents must authorize it.

3.Fossils Expeditions

The trip across the fossils takes an hour to arrive at the fossil ground. One needs to make proper arrangements before the trip day. If you have kids with you also ensure they have the right safety gear. This area is a fun place and also an educational site. Kids will enjoy the muddy areas. Also, enjoy helping your kids dig fossils. There is also a river nearby. The SW Florida river. At the river site, there are alligator bones.

This trip may take approximately a full day. Also, enjoy searching for shark teeth at the river steam. This muddy area is sure to help you create happy memories.

4.Sun Splash Family Waterpark

Kids love playing in the water. The whole family will surely enjoy the water park. Splashing each other with water makes the holiday enjoyable. At the Florida waterpark, there are exclusive spots for kids and also adults. The water park facilitates fun activities for all age. For kids, the swimming area is equipped with nice play items like alligators and tadpoles.

To enjoy the beach after swimming is a volleyball court located on the sandy beach. Kids will also enjoy the river stream ride. Also, consider checking the speed slides. This is especially the adrenaline speed slide.

5.Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve

The cove covers about 365 acres of land and has a number of feature as follows; rentals, parking area, and boardwalk. The ecological preserve is a place that is surrounded by nature. The preserve is located on Caloosahatchee River.

This is a great site to walk around with kids and enjoy the nature. Also, enjoy and observe the mangrove located in the river cover. To ensure you are well informed are well-indicated signs along the boardwalks. The signs provide plants descriptions. For a more enjoyable travel, you may opt to hire kayak available for rental.

6.Yacht club community park

This park offers great facilities. This is the perfect family spot considering the kid’s playground. There is also a fishing pier and a boat ramp. You can just hire a boat and take a tour around the Caloosahatchee River. The park is placed next to the beach and has nice well set up shelters.

This site is highly recommended for a picnic. Kids can also enjoy the fishing pier. There is also a community swimming pool. If you love sports you may also enjoy playing tennis. You also have the option of playing with your kids at the beach.

7.The cape coral historical museum

History is a fun factor. More fun is experiencing what is written in books at first hand. The cape coral museum has memories that explain the life and history of the place. There are also artifacts, pictures and great stories about this area.

This could be a nice place for your family to relax as you listen to great stories from the docents. Also, enjoy learning the history of the area through pictures and traditional materials.


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