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FIFA world cup is a worldwide event and sport. This is one of the most outstanding activity. It attracts people from different religions, cultures, continents, and countries. The Fifa world cup is one unifying factor for the world. Fifa world cup is an event that goes beyond any set boundaries. People from all ages want to experience the cheers, fun, and goals. This event doesn’t have any age limit nor gender. Although not many people get a chance to be at the stadium this event is watched worldwide. Fifa world cup has been happening for a number of years. During this time there have been both fun and scary times.

The following are 5 Scariest things that have happened on Fifa world cup;

1.Brazil Greatest loss

2014 was one of the  scariest matches to watch.  This is especially for Brazil fans. Brazil has for a number of years been a favorite for many. This is mostly because of its world cup performance. Brazil which is said to have been the most successful team had a shock. Brazil had at the time been in the Fifa world cup for 64years.

2014 Brazil started the world cup with a great performance. From all indications, they would be the world cup 2014 winners. There was also a major favoring factor. They were hosting the world cup. This had been the second time to host the world cup in 64years of participation.  The performance was expected to led to victory until the semi-finals stage. The first shock was when Brazil played against Colombia in the quarter-final. This would be described as the start of Brazil struggles. During the quarterfinals Brazil lost 2 of their valuable players. The first was Neymar who got an injury while Thiago Silva the defender and captain who got yellow cards and could not play anymore.

Brazil still proceeded to the semifinals and would play against Germany. At the semi-finals, Brazil had the biggest losses. It was 7-1 fulltime goals. Germany scored 7 goals while Brazil only managed 1 goal. This single game changed the record and Germany became the highest team scorer in the world cup.

2.The 1990 Gary  Lineker horrendous experience

This was among one of the scariest but also confusing moments for fans. During the 1990 world cup Lineker had a tough time. It was a game that involved England and Ireland. There was a number of explanations on what took place although it got confusing to many. During this game, Lineker was playing as the striker. Lineker was spotted down rubbing the ground. He said at a later time he rubbed the ground like a dog. Everyone was not sure what was happening. This event happened following the ball movement down his left hand. He said he tried to tackle someone followed by stretching then relaxing.

Lineker said fortunately it rained as he had messed himself. He describes it as “it just came out”. Lineker said he had early been experiencing stomach problems during the match. He admitted he was not feeling well by halftime. Although he was unwell he carried on playing the match. Lineker blames the incident on a stomach bug.

Lineker in an interview gave the details to explain since rumors had taken a different turn. Defecation rumors were trending and to make it clear he explained the incident. He described the experience as the most horrendous in his life. Lineker saiin all matches he has played he never had so much space as he did that night.

  1. The Netherlands Vs Portugal 2006 Battleground

This match is one that will remain in the minds of many. The match even got a unique name the battle of the Nuremberg. This match which took place in 2006 world cup was more of a battle than a football game. What standouts in this match is the number of cards that were given. Both Portugal and Netherlands successfully picked 16 cards. The match surely deserved the name Nuremberg battle.

After 2 minutes of the match kick off Christiano Ronaldo had foul. Five minutes later Khalid Boulahrouz would then hit the attacker. Luis Figo also got involved in the battle as he head hit Van Bonmel.

In about an hours time Boulahrouz got his 2 yellow cards. The battle was nearly over when Deco went ahead to hit John Heitinga. He would be dismissed minutes later. Giavanni van Bronckhorst also got a red card.

During this match, there was only one goal which was scored by maniche. Maniche was playing as the midfielder. The referee valentine Ivanov from Russia had a tough time keeping this match under control. The players that received the red cards are Van Bronckhorst, Deco, constinha, Boulahrouz. In terms of the yellow cards 16 players from both teams received the cards as follows; Van, Bronckhorst, Deco, Valente, Ricardo, Van der Vaart, Figo, Boulahrouz, Pauleta, constinha, maniche and Van Bonmel.

  1. The Kuwait 1982 protest

This is a unique match of its kind. Kuwait stopped playing and walked out of the field in protest. The match was against France. This match even led to the referee being banned and a fine on Kuwait’s FA president. The Kuwait team suddenly complained of hearing a whistle to stop at the immediate time a fourth goal went in. At this time the score was  3-1. France had scored 3 goals while Kuwait only managed a single goal. Kuwait players said they would not continue playing the game until the fourth goal was disallowed. The referee at first did not listen to the player’s pleas but did afterward.

He changed his mind when Prince Fahid who was at the time Kuwait FA president went to talk to him. The referee would then disallow the goal but Kuwait did not score any other goal. The fourth goal had been scored by Alain Giresse. Although Kuwait got what they wanted this step led to the dismissal of the referee and a fine on the Kuwait FA president Prince Fahid.

5.1998 Patrick Battiston teeth knockout

This football game in 1958 was between France and West Germany. This match was a tough one that leads to Patrick Battiston losing 3 of his teeth. This happened at the 57th minute. It was during the finals and both teams wanted to win. The goalkeeper of Germany Toni Schumacher was responsible for hitting Patrick Battiston on the finals. He was hip checked and would then lose 3 of his teeth.

The German goalkeeper would then move the ball aside ready to continue playing. As this happened Patrick Battiston would be moved aside on a stretcher and would receive oxygen as the game continued.

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